Britt Coxon Art and Design

Making art, websites, comics, illustrations & papercraft.

The art and design work of Britt Coxon, working in paper, card, paint, pixels and more.

I love working both digitally and with pen and paper, the most satisfying part of my work is being buy tramadol 200 mg no prescription able to combine my design skills in interesting ways to create something hopefully a bit unique. My inspirations are Art Nouveau, mathematical shapes, low poly 3D design, bright colour combinations and comics.

Projects & Updates

Glitch Art Experiments

A corrupt image file can throw up some interesting visuals. I’ve been playing with various filters and apps on my phone, layering results to create images that are only really possible as digital images. Each series of images was created from a different original photograph. Experimenting with repeating patterns and limited colours. Kaleidoscopic. Eventually you get to a point where you’re editing and distorting the already distorted image.

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First contact or another footnote in history. I’ve somehow created three pieces of music this year. To go from none a year to three a year is quite buy ambien pills reasonable considering everything else that’s happened in 2020.

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