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Britt Coxon

Hi, I’m Britt Coxon: ( she/her or they/them ) an artist and designer, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, working in paper, card, paint, pixels and music. I talk about and make art, papercraft, comics, websites, photography, music, books, TTRPG stuff.

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I love working both digitally and with pen and paper, the most satisfying part of my work is being able to combine my design skills in interesting ways to create something a bit unique. My inspirations are Art Nouveau, mathematical shapes, low poly 3D design, bright colour combinations and comics.

Greetings cards, prints and 3D activity kits available in the shop.

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Each of my card designs is drawn by hand and then scanned into the computer for cutting by a paper robot known as the Silhouette Cameo. Each layer of card is cut individually by the robot, I carefully choose the colour and texture of the card to make sure the designs stand out, sometimes I mix and match them with recycled and handmade papers for a special, unique finish.

I carefully choose the paper for my art prints too, I prefer a heavier matte paper or one with a slightly textured finish to truly capture the details of my original watercolours or bring out the bright colours of my digital work.

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