A Hole in the Sky

Observation 1 art piece, space, an icosahedron floats alone.

Observation One

home is too far behind, I have no choice but to go forward, to document what I have seen. Perhaps it will allow others to understand what I do not. A form has appeared which seems within touching distance but at the same time impossibly far. Every instrument tells me it is not there. It gives off no heat, radio waves pass straight through. The only thing that reflects is light. It’s impossible to measure any movement, it seems to remain static while the distant stars twist around it.

Observation 2 art piece, space, an icosahedron floats, scanning for life.

Observation Two

The form appears geometric, three dimensional but flat. I have viewed it from all angles and the visible faces remain constant. I cast further light on the shape, this revealed new forms, perhaps they are orbiting it? Transparent discs, at first they were faint but the more I look for them, the more they are there. It is possible my observations have triggered this change.

Observation 3 art piece, space, an icosahedron floats, anomolies appear.

Observation Three

The original form has not moved, there is a slight change, it appears colder. The light of distant stars continues to twist around it. The discs have a pattern. They blink, come into view, fade, some move. It repeats, each time with more clarity. What I thought was orbit is instead a repetition that moves back and forth. As if they are trying to force their way into existence but have to find the right place and time.

Observation 4 art piece, space, an icosahedron floats surrounded by anomolies.

Observation Four

The form has been communicating, attempting to share what it knows. The visible faces remain constant. I will soon pass through the visible into the invisible. I must continue moving forward. Perhaps it will allow others to understand what I do not. the distant stars.

Communication. I understand.

A lot of blue was used in the development of these pieces. Here’s some of my process, and my Invisible Beasts 2 Pinterest board, showing my visual inspirations.

The final pieces appeared as part of A Hidden Cartography: Invisible Beasts 2, curated by Paul Thompson. A book was made to accompany this exhibition and is available to buy. These pieces have inspired me to create another series based on the platonic solids and elements, currently in progress.