You open the door, you step outside. You pause for a moment, blinded by the sun. Your eyes adjust to the larger world, you take a second step, and then a third. Your journey has begun.

I’ve been making more music. This is a new journey for me. I’ve always played around with tunes and sounds but this year is the first time I’ve made something I would consider a complete piece. I may attempt lyrics soon.

Observations, and a BABY!

It’s been a while. I always say I’ll update my blog a bit more but rarely do. I have thing to tell.

On 30th March I made some music. I decided to tie it in with the Observations series I made for the Invisible Beasts exhibition.

Repairing an alien spaceship in the vacuum of space.

On 1st April, Paul and I found ourselves suddenly parents. Very early in the morning our baby joined the world through an emergency c section.

Both the baby and I are doing well. I’m now home and resting, the baby unfortunately has to stay in the hospital for some special care.

We’ve called the bay Robin, because that’s his name.

Robin was born at 30 weeks which is quite a bit early. It was nearly much earlier, though, so we’re grateful for where we are now. He’s being well looked after, but is in the baby bakery where his lungs are being supported and kept warm and fed. He’s progressed so much in only a week, we’re hoping that he will be home in a couple of months.

It’s funny what difference a couple of days can make.

Holiday Heist

I collaborated with Paul Thompson on this comic.

I was struggling with the script and couldn’t get past the thumbnails until Paul and I sat down and workshopped it in the pub. A few hours later and we’re collaborating on a slightly different but far more interesting story involving an art thief. After that Paul put the thumbnails together, I inked from those and he did the lettering.

Printed in the Paper Jam Comics Collective‘s anthology You Need a Holiday … and that. I was also responsible for editing, print production and back page art work for this anthology.

Character Design Examples

In an attempt to reorganise, here are some examples of character design and illustration from various projects. Some of these are already visible in my portfolio but this post collects them.


Comics with characters in them. I would like to direct your attention to the goblin. These comics were made for the Paper Jam Comics Collective anthologies, each was drawn roughly in pencil before being digitally inked.


I have drawn many characters for many purposes. Not all of them are human. One is a horse.

Sometimes they’re Dungeons & Dragons characters.

Here’s an in progress image. Yes, it’s also D&D.

Worm Food


This comic was printed in the Paper Jam Comics Collective’s anthology Super Spooky Scary Stories… and that.