Character Design Examples

In an attempt to reorganise, here are some examples of character design and illustration from various projects. Some of these are already visible in my portfolio but this post collects them.


Comics with characters in them. I would like to direct your attention to the goblin. These comics were made for the Paper Jam Comics Collective anthologies, each was drawn roughly in pencil before being digitally inked.


I have drawn many characters for many purposes. Not all of them are human. One is a horse.

Sometimes they’re Dungeons & Dragons characters.

Here’s an in progress image. Yes, it’s also D&D.

2015-16 Sketchbook

This sketchbook covers the last couple of months of 2015 and the first handful of 2016.  The sticker on the front is a surprise poo by Jess Bradley, the decoration around the outside is my own.

These pages include inks for Competent Characters. There are also sketches for my Invisible Beasts pieces, some Dragon Age: Inquisition fan art and a drawing of my Dungeons & Dragons character.