Observations, and a BABY!

It’s been a while. I always say I’ll update my blog a bit more but rarely do. I have thing to tell.

On 30th March I made some music. I decided to tie it in with the Observations series I made for the Invisible Beasts exhibition.

Repairing an alien spaceship in the vacuum of space.

On 1st April, Paul and I found ourselves suddenly parents. Very early in the morning our baby joined the world through an emergency c section.

Both the baby and I are doing well. I’m now home and resting, the baby unfortunately has to stay in the hospital for some special care.

We’ve called the bay Robin, because that’s his name.

Robin was born at 30 weeks which is quite a bit early. It was nearly much earlier, though, so we’re grateful for where we are now. He’s being well looked after, but is in the baby bakery where his lungs are being supported and kept warm and fed. He’s progressed so much in only a week, we’re hoping that he will be home in a couple of months.

It’s funny what difference a couple of days can make.

2015-16 Sketchbook

This sketchbook covers the last couple of months of 2015 and the first handful of 2016.  The sticker on the front is a surprise poo by Jess Bradley, the decoration around the outside is my own.

These pages include inks for Competent Characters. There are also sketches for my Invisible Beasts pieces, some Dragon Age: Inquisition fan art and a drawing of my Dungeons & Dragons character.


Welcome to the new version of my website.

This website is my portfolio but also my sketchbook, you will find sketches in progress, rough images and plans as well as finished pieces and completed projects. My work is divided clearly in the navigation bar above but feel free to look through it all.