Crusted Lamb : Part 2

So this is what it looked like:

Christmas does get in the way of things doesn’t it?

Anyway, the lamb went in the oven for a long time on a low heat and came out pretty good: a little bit pinker in the middle than some of my guests were prepared for, but hey, that’s what the end pieces are for.

So yes, it worked pretty well, the crust didn’t really stick – as you can see in the picture, it fell off on one side, so a little better preparation and care beforehand might have helped.

Also, the stuff I put in the crust mix plus samphire ended up making the whole thing very salty, probably a little bit too salty to be honest, but that’s easy to tone down, and I was a little unambitious with the almonds, too: more would have worked really well.

This will be better next time, but by no means a failure: it all got eaten.

This post was originally written by Paul Thompson on our shared blog, Foody Finds.