Doctor Bandaid’s Hot Guide to Romance – by Philippa Rice

Philippa is responsible for the carbon low genius that is My Cardboard Life, recycling really does work!
Doctor Bandaid is a hopeless romantic, always after the affections of Pauline, though in his own mind he is a true ladies man, this little book shows the tragic but hilarious results of his attempts to woo. Doctor Bandaid gives such useful help as ice breakers, gift ideas and even an inspirational poem, devoted to Pauline. The mixture of crafty paper and sticking with drawings and paints makes this a winner.

Doctor Bandaid’s mini-comic is available from the My Cardboard Life Shop, I also highly recommend the webcomic, it’s fun for all. If you don’t believe me go and try it, you soon will.

Oh and it also helped a bit that at the Expo Philippa was dressed up as The Doctor (Doctor Who, not Doctor Bandaid, though the comparison would be fun).