Good News Everyone!

This post originally appeared on the Made in Newcastle Blog. It was published on Friday 10 December 2010.

We at MiN HQ have been working our little (and big) socks off and have managed to sort out a new location for the shop.

Made in Newcastle will be at 79 Grainger Street for the holiday season.

That’s next door to Greggs and across from the Bigg Market. We have a bit of work to do before we are ready to go but we aim to be open for next Saturday. We’ve already had a few MiN helpers in to transform this empty box of potential into our wonderful new home.

There is plenty of big, empty space to be used, the back area (below) will make an excellent space for workshops, exhibitions and guest makers as well as MiN members.

Oh look, we can see our old home from one of the back windows! Wave everybody, wave. 

A photo from last night just before we packed up, as you can see plenty has already changed from those very dusty first few pictures. Lots of cleaning has been done and we’ve painted the back area a lovely shade of white. You might also notice the floor in the back area is different, we must say a huge thanks to Jamie for recycling some heavy duty shelving into a wonderful raised floor, a quick coat of paint and that will look super classy (it really already does).

Even Emily and Elise could feel the creative potential in this shop and got to work on colouring some lovely pictures. Good work girls. 

Stay tuned for more news on the new shop and for details of our opening day!