We all know the TV show Heroes, I am sure. Some of us have never watched it, some of us have watched the first two series and got bored with it, some of us stick with it in the hope that it will deliver shocks as well as it used to and maybe clear up some loose ends. Though I wonder how many of us have realised that Heroes is simply a retelling of a rather old and famous story, one seen in theatres across the country every panto season. Peter Pan.

Okay, I can feel you moving your mouse, preparing your fingers to type in the address bar to hastily retreat from this mad womans blog but just bear with me a moment. Let me explain my thoughts, I was sat in my room and with glorious inner monologue fail I said: “Tick tock, tick tock.” to which my mother replied from the other room: “Oh no! It’s the crocodile.” however by this point the fact that Sylar’s entire musical accompaniment is littered with ticking noises had leaked into my mind and so the idea was born, lets see how many Heroes characters we can link to Peter Pan. So, Sylar is the crocodile in this rather, twisted and different retelling, surely he should be Captain Hook? Well maybe he is both, after all when he is Gabriel he tends not to have this timely soundtrack behind him and to some extent he is his own worst enemy.

Alright, so that’s one of the characters but Heroes has quite a big cast, does it not? Claire Bennet, well she’s obviously Wendy, the young girl thrust into this strange and unusual world full of strange people and strange powers, always with a want to help people. Mr Muggles is the dog sidekick of the children, Nanna, though nowhere near the size or same breed, it is the only dog in the show and by default gets this role. Then there is the boy who can fly, the self appointed leader of the lost boys, Peter Pan, I believe this role has been split between the Petrelli brothers quite easily. A lot of the other characters are Lost Boys, mermaids, pirates, Indians and the parents back home.

The story of Peter Pan is only so long, so after series one they needed to invent some new plot, add more characters but the initial thread is still there, it’s still a story of a group of kids (or adults who never really grew up) trying to escape the responsibilities that life and overbearing parents have thrust upon them.
And no green tights or curly moustaches in sight.