I did a thing

On 24 hour comic day I created a comic. It was 24 pages long, it made enough sense to be called a story and had characters in it and everything. I’m happy with the result. Above is a little preview of the comic.

I didn’t ink the comic though I would like to, I’m saying this counts within the rules of cleaning up for printing. A comic in blue pencil won’t print up too well. I’ll put up a few more images once I’ve taken them.

Anyway, here’s a thing:

How Britt Survived 24 Hour Comic Day Successfully

  1. Bring lined (or squared paper) for planning, planning on plain paper which should be used for drawing the comic can lead to problems down the line, also squares make the layout stage simple.
  2. Spend the first 2 hours on your plot, write notes, words, themes. 
  3. Go out while it’s still light, have healthy but filling food (I had sushi for lunch and noodles for dinner).
  4. Spend another hour on your page by page breakdown and supporting thumbnails, this means that when you get to 2am and have a major motivation issue you don’t have to think. 
  5. Every 4 pages take a break.
  6. Drink tea, lots of tea. Good tea. Green tea. Matt where did you get that tea?
  7. Midnight snack, balance your sweet and savoury, sugar rushes will not serve you well.
  8. Music. 
  9. A sleeping bag for warmth… followed by a quick 2 hour nap at 4am – I’d finished.
  10. Mess about for the last 2 hours with music and inks.
Note: this method is how I survived 24 Hour Comic Day, it’s not the only method and it may not work for you. Sleeping before the end may lead to being unable to finish for some.