Lamb Meatballs, with Chilli, Mint and Coriander.

So, we have some pretty big Chilli’s (from the North East Chilli Festival, which Britt wrote about yesterday) and some Mint and Coriander, Red Onion, Cumin and Smoked Paprika from MMM Newcastle. This is much the same set of ingredients as in my Make it Mint post from a while back, but you get pictures this time.

Divide it up over some Lamb mince, quite a lot of it actually, and keep an egg on hand to bind it all together. Roll them into balls, get the herbs and spices as evenly spread through and into the middle of the lamb balls as possible.

Cooked in a frying pan with a little bit of oil, I should mention that they shouldn’t really be moved much during cooking. Press down on one side, cook until the bottom is holding together then flip and press down on the other side. I don’t know how long they took to cook. Probably just under ten minutes.
 We had them with Pitta bread, sour cream, a bit of salad and feta, and yes, that’s going to work just fine right now but as with all such things the flavours develop a lot, so by day two or even three, the meatballs will be very, very good indeed. It’s definitely worth making more than you can reasonably eat in one sitting.

Lamb Meatballs : Day 2

I added additional onions, peas and mushrooms to the pan to soak up the juices. We had this with some steamed broccoli, which is neither pictured nor essential, and some Red Wine, which isn’t pictured but was essential. On the second day, the mint and coriander were really making their presence felt and really working with the Chilli.
These were some good Lamb Meatballs.

This post was originally written by Paul Thompson on our shared blog, Foody Finds.

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  1. I can also inform you that on day 3 I had the two remaining meatballs for lunch, they were magnificent. A bit of salad, some tomato and a pitta bread accompanied them. The sour cream also made another appearance as by this point the meatballs had become quite hot. It was certainly a good kind of hot.

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