Made in Newcastle

The opening…

Ding! - 175/365

Made in Newcastle, an Empty Shop Project baby that we found out about from the lovely Craft Mafia people at the Sunderland Friendship Festival (see last post). The aim is to bring together a community of local crafters, makers and artists into a space where they can display, sell and help others. It’s an excellent opportunity that I have been very lucky to be a part of. The Paper Jam Comics Collective have our comics and stock and ready for the lovely customers to buy.

Paper Jam!

Many of the gang were present for the opening and much glorious fun was had by all, as can be seen in the photos below.

Tough Critics

Oh yes, as you can see here, we had a doodle wall, it was amazing!

Dooooodle!SquidFramedThe Wall!

The things we’ve done…

Made in Newcastle has provided a home for over 30 creatives in the North East, helping them in all kinds of ways, this is a photo of the shop a few days after opening, it has changed a lot since then, it’s hard to believe it was only a few months ago.

The Shop

The end…

In some ways this blog post is bad timing. We have just recently received news that we will need to leave 22 Nun Street (our current home), as is the nature of Empty Shops, they get filled. We have until the 10th of October to make the most out of what we have in our current home! If you haven’t been along to say hi yet, please do, and purchase some of our wonderful crafty items.

And Go!

The beginning…

As is the nature of enthusiastic creatives, you can’t keep them down for long. Like a phoenix from the flames we shall rise from the ashes (metaphorically, we don’t want to be done for arson) of 22 Nun Street with a new name, a new home and a wonderful new outlook on life! The group of strong minded individuals who have met through this project refuse to see it stop so easily, we will continue until the mythic day when there are no longer any empty shops left in the whole of Newcastle city centre!

To that effect, this is where you can help! If you, my lovely blog readers have any contacts at the council, any help you can offer with funding sources and applications or any well wishes, please pass them on. Made in Newcastle started as a community project and whatever it may be in the future it will continue to be for the community, for people to contribute to and benefit from. We welcome any help, whether it be that you have a premises you want us to fill or a spare sack of money lying around that you wish to donate.

Wish us luck!