Making a Mess…

I may be paraphrasing but to make anything you must first make a mess.

Astro Card Progress Shots

Sometimes it’s hard even to do that. Other times a design just falls into place. Making cards is a whole barrel of fun and testing out new ideas can be really rewarding.

Astro Card Progress Shots

I love that I can mix collage, illustration and recycling all together into one thing like this.

Special Delivery

Especially when the results are so pleasing to others too.

I didn’t learn this from formal education, that’s for sure. What I did learn was that it’s important to believe in what you’re doing. It’s very difficult to do good work if you don’t believe in it or yourself. I know there are people graduating out there at the moment. I must say well done to you all. Don’t stop believing in what you want to do.

This one is for you…


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