3D Mathematical Shape Activity Kits

I decided to teach myself a little bit of 3D design. I wanted to create something tangible with the results so my 3D paper shape activity kits were born. I started out with some basic mathematical shapes before moving on to more complex irregular shapes and crystal inspired shapes.

I want to increase my skills in this area and do more designs. I have plans for flowers, structures and some more abstract pieces.

The activity kits are available from my Etsy shop. The shapes are great for decorations, mobiles and garlands. You can add a small bit of thread to the top before closing the shape to hang them.

Set one containes an icosahedron, truncated octahedron, tetragonal pyramid, star, hexagonal pyramid and octahedron. Set two contains a cube, cuboctahedron, dodecahedron, hexagonal prism, tetrahedron and truncated tetrahedron. The crystals set is a range of different crystal forms, some designed like cut gems, others like raw ones you’d find in the wild.