An experimental piece that is perhaps an alien creature.

Webchemy Experiments

Making aliens, floating creatures and strange landscapes with Webchemy on my tablet. It’s a fascinating app that allows for messing about with vector chunks, it’s almost like you’re carving the image into the page.

A portrait of a couple holding hands, their cat sits between them.

Wedding Portrait

A wedding portrait commission. I’m specially fond of how the colouring on the cat turned out. I did a few sketches before settling on the final layout. I’m quite fond of this cheerful one with balloons.

A comic about a hoarder dragon going on holiday to a spa and the adventurer who decides to tidy up for them.

Mini Comic Adventure

This comic was drawn and is sometimes printed on one sheet of A4 paper. Using mysterious magics, it is possible to create an 8 page mini comic from one sheet of A4. That’s what I did.