Crystal Paper Shapes Activity Pack


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This crystal DIY 3D shapes kit includes 6 shapes ready to assemble, all you need is glue.

Fold the dotted lines, stick the tabs to the inside of the shapes as shown and use a tiny bit of PVA to stick it all together.

The shapes are great for decorations, mobiles and garlands. You can add a small bit of thread to the top before closing the shape to hang them. Try wrapping them in washi tape for colourful patterned shapes or sprinkle a little glitter for a sparkly decoration.

I cut these shapes in a mixture of colours but if you have a special request for a combination of colours just let me know and I’ll do you a custom set.

These packs make a great kids (or grown ups) crafty party activity.

This set includes a series of different crystal forms, some designed like cut gems, others like raw ones you’d find in the wild.


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