Low Fog cover image, a back street in fox, pixelated.

Low Fog

So I made a nice and relaxing new tune about walking through the low fog down by the river early in the morning. Sort of an electronic lo-fi piano easy going ambient thing.

To Europe music track cover, an image of a Berlin train set against a collage of travel related items.

To Europe

To Europe by Britt Coxon Dreams of travelling across Europe.Have a pleasant journey.

Cover Art

Creating my own music has been an excellent chance to play with accompanying visuals. I’ve enjoyed making cover art for each of my pieces. It’s very important to me that each cover image feels right for the music, fits with…

Sunroof Music Track Cover, a bridge visible through the trees. Lights in the distance.


Sunroof by Britt Coxon Relax, the destination isn’t all that important, is it?

Footnote Music Track Cover, the image is a large mushroom, overlayed by two platonic solids.


First contact or another footnote in history. I’ve somehow created three pieces of music this year. To go from none a year to three a year is quite reasonable considering everything else that’s happened in 2020.

Journey Music Cover, a forest refracted and altered.


You open the door, you step outside. You pause for a moment, blinded by the sun. Your eyes adjust to the larger world, you take a second step, and then a third. Your journey has begun. I’ve been making more…