The new year is well under way. That doesn’t mean 2011 is forgotten. It was a big year. A lot of things happened.

By the time December hit I’d already been making Christmas for two months, this was a bit of a new experience. I must say it was well worth it thought. I thoroughly enjoyed making Christmas cards, especially the large order I got for my snowflake design. 
December also saw the first Canny Comic Con, in Newcastle City Library. And the wonderful reunion that was the Made in Newcastle Christmas Market.
I had a table at Thought Bubble during this month. I shared it with Paul Thompson and Cuttlefish. It was super awesome. Thought Bubble never disappoints. I intend to be there next year. 

Lennon Wall - Girly Prague
I went to Prague with the absolutely wonderful Paul. This was the second time in my adult life that I had left the county and only the fourth time total. I love visiting new places and am not going to stop any time soon. I always have a soft spot for October. It’s got Halloween in it for a start. During this October I visited the Alexandra Business Park with the #npwalk group. I also did my first Designers Marketplace. And a lot of preparing for Thought Bubble.
Lights over the Tyne

In a sort of back to school tradition September was all about change, doing new things and exploring. I drew robots. I started work on my current comic project, which is almost ready to show some development work from. Maybe. Until then I shall say no more on the matter. 
Walk in the Park
The month of the bicycle. The month of walking through fields of flowers as high as my knees and eating sandwiches outside.
South Sheilds Summer
All about drawing, making cards and more drawing. I went to my first Dr Sketchy’s. It was lovely.
Special Delivery
The first month without the Made in Newcastle shop. The month I really started to use my etsy shop.The month I learned a lot of things. 
Indoor Market
Paul and I went to Bristol Expo and bought comics. We explored Bristol and then went South to stay a few days in the New Forest. It was lovely. We were nearly attacked by wild horses. We then went further South  to Bournemouth and explored the coast a bit. Holidays. Yay. 
At the very end of the month Made in Newcastle left Grainger Street. 

Beamish Town
I visited Beamish with the #npwalk lot. We had fun, playing with the shops, the trains and the trams. 
During March The Paper Jam Comics Collective launched the long awaited History And That with an exhibition of History inspired comics at Made in Newcastle. March was pretty cool as the Maker Faire also happened, which was part of Newcastle Science Festival, a week of clever stuff. 
A Picnic in Parc Guell
Barcelona. My first holiday with Paul. 
With Art
It was cold. It was very cold. At least Made in Newcastle was full of warmth and smiles.
And that was the year. Woohoo.