A quick catch-up!

Not long after the launch of Made in Newcastle (mentioned in the previous blog post) I was involved in a  Paper Jam Comics Collective anthology called Art… and that. This anthology had the theme of art (surprisingly) and was put together with the wonderful encouragement and aid of Empty Shop.

We launched this anthology on the day of the “What are you like?” exhibition preview at the DLI, in Durham. It was an excellent event and the gang were in great company with Empty Shop, Salford Zine Library and Set of Drawers to name a few.

We were a bit pleased with ourselves to say the least.

The exhibition was brilliant and I loved seeing all those comics and zines gathered in the one place, Salford Zine Library you are a magical travelling wonder.

As expected, a room full of creative, drawing types when presented with a chalk board will play their own special form of Pictionary. One where nobody gets the answer right easily but the pictures look great. Here we see a certain Mr Waugh attempting to depict the word “download”. He might not live that one down.

What’s Next? 

History… and that! Another wonderful Paper Jam Comics Collective anthology. I am thrilled to say that you will be able to buy this from us at Thought Bubble this very weekend!

I have two pages in this anthology, one about foxes. Foxes that glow.

And my very own 24 Hour Comic Day contribution Not Mushroom for Thought! Again, you can buy this from me at Thought Bubble where the Paper Jam Comics Collective will be representing Newcastle in FORCE. We have four tables between us and we are ready to roll.

So, what is this 24 Hour Comic Day? How did it go? If you want to check out how I got on and what the rest of the PJCC gang got up to we kept a blog for the event, which we aim to update every 24 Hour Comic Day with more sleep deprived comic goodness.

And that pretty much brings me up to date… I attended BICS as one of the masses and bought comics and talked to friends, old and new. It was cool… but the big news still remains:

I will be at Thought Bubble this weekend and I will be selling comics!