AstroFunk by Ross Burt

This is a gorgeous comic, one of those ones that you think, wow, they’ve really gone to town here. Professional looking, very nice finish and well… that’s enough about first impressions, I could go on all day but lets get to the content.
It’s great to see a strong female character with a bad attitude running around space, sticking her name all over things and generally enjoying the colour pink but in a totally bad-ass way,. It makes a change from the nicey nice peaceful alien chick or the “love interest”. The heroes of this story are clearly out on a mission a mission to tag anything that doesn’t move, and a few things that do for that matter.

I don’t think I’ll ever see rabbits in the same way again.
Aah and a rendition of Bright Eyes.

I’m trying to ignore the deliberate use of U instead of you on occasion but my brain can’t do it, it instinctively tells me it’s wrong. I know it fits with the graffiti scene and that I’m probably uncool for commenting on it, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t swap between both.
The use of colours is fantastic though, I love the monotone look of the comic with added flashes of green and pink, it really makes certain elements stand out and adds to the crazy, really enhances the atmosphere of the comic, makes it all sorts of fun. Seeing the process behind making the comic was a nice touch, I always enjoy things like that, seeing the artwork develop from rough sketches into the final piece is great.

Ooh and the bonus comic at the end is just good fun, Captain Fuzzball and the Rumble of Doom! All that hard work, will that little guy ever get his reward?

You can find more on AstroFunk at the website, including previews for issue to and info on how to grab issue one!

In short AstroFunk is a crazy mixture of gaming, graffiti and comic culture that pops off the page and grabs you, then gets busy tagging you with green and pink markers and paint.