Canny Comic Con Report

The Canny Comic Con happened on the 10th of December 2011.
I would like to think it set a challenge for the larger cons to give you more awesome for your money (we did it for free).

Canny Comic Con

First of all a huge thanks to Alexi Conman for taking the reins and making the CCC come into being. Good work sir. We’re all proud of you. Also thanks to the wonderful Newcastle City Library who gave us shelter and tables to sell our wares from.

En Gingerboom and Evelyn Hewett

Now. There were so many awesome people involved both in front of and behind the scenes that I fear I would never mention them all, so instead I bring you the rest of the day in the form of pictures.

Doug BraithwaiteLee Robinson of Art Heroes
Terry Wiley and Matt Bovingdon
Ingi Jensson at work.
Jack Fallows will draw anything you like.
Knocking Down the Door - how to get a break in pro comics
A con for all ages.
Gary Bainbridge gets the paparazzi treatment.