Paper Jam Exhibition at MiN

What have I been up to? Lots.
Recently with the Paper Jam Comics Collective I’ve been busy exhibiting my illustration work at Made in Newcastle. I did one brand new piece for the exhibition as well as showing my page from Art and That, the rather blurry photo courtesy of my phone.

The theme for the exhibition was loosely based around History and That anthology which we first unveiled at Thought Bubble. There was a rather delayed launch party of said anthology on the Friday which doubled as the closing party for the exhibition. Many were in attendance and there was much fun had.

We also left some blank comic panels and a box of words on the table in the gallery for the week so that people could take part in our “famous” 24 minute comic challenge. Two words, one comic, 24 minutes. I have managed to rescue all the ones that we left for us to see and will be scanning them and uploading them to the Paper Jam Comic Jams blog very soon.

What else have we got. Ah yes… view the exhibition closing/History launch party in photographic glory. It’s like being there… only without sound, movement or the majority of the senses.

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