Prick by Tpcat

Prick is all about life, the bad side of love, religion, things that happen and I suppose human nature. Told through the medium of cute animals you could easily be tricked into thinking this is a book for children, don’t be fooled. For such a deep, dark subject as human nature this book is so pleasant to look at, every first impression says you should be finding it in the kids section of a book store. Last year I picked up a little comic by the same Tpcat, Rabbit Love Story 1, I am glad to say the same strangeness is found in Prick. If you don’t have a strong stomach for slightly twisted, slightly wrong but oddly cute work then go elsewhere, if you love that kind of stuff then please, by all means pick up a copy.

Last year Tpcat also had a unique comic on her table, drawn entirely on toilet paper. It was long, I looked at it, it was entertaining but I had no clue if I should buy it or not, said strange item is now available in the more familiar book form. Slightly less daunting to pick up and attempt to read.