Sunderland Friendship Festival!

Yet again it took me too long to post about things I’ve done.

So, the Sunderland Friendship Festival was awesome.

Paper Jam had a table! It was awesome. There were lots of kites and friendship things happening. We were fortunate to be sharing the tent with such wonderful people as the Newcastle Craft Mafia (who offered us a wonderful opportunity, to be part of Made in Newcastle, more about that next post), Red Squirrel Press and many others that I fail to remember, including some local curry sauces which were delicious.
This is one of my favourite shots from the day, not only were there the professional kites, the huge showy ones but also a great amount of hand made kites, most made on site inside one of the crafty tents. Everyone was having such a great time!
Behind the Paper Jam table we were visited by faces old and new and it was great to see some of the younger people getting really interested in reading our comics. The free sweets had nothing to do with it!
One of the highlights of the weekend was the Always Drinking marching band who started their sets within the music tent and then drifted out into the field. They performed some extremely fun versions of modern tunes that tended to bring a smile to everyone’s face.