The things one can achieve with just a single sheet of paper.

I’ve just read a couple of very mini-comics that were placed in my hand during the merriment following the MCM Expo on Saturday night. A very good night. The man behind them is a Mr. Dan Fish. The most interesting of the two is Deja-Vu (not that Foot-Balls of Fury isn’t interesting mind you, I just found Deja-Vu more so) which is essentially a comic in a circle. Playing on the idea of deja-vu it starts where it finishes, there is an online version of the comic in question but it loses a lot of impact when it’s not printed on a sheet of A4 folded twice. You lose the ability to twist the page around as perception is altered and indeed end up back at the beginning.

An invention that can alter perception is a very dangerous invention indeed.

If you can get your hands on this, do! It’s fun!