Thought Bubble 2010!

As you might have heard The Paper Jam Comics Collective had a rather large amount of representation at Thought Bubble this year. I was there to document the madness, sell comics and have fun.

Paper Jam Table

New on sale from our gang were such titles as Tales of the Hollow Earth 2, Sugar Glider, Food for the Dead (fondly nicknamed Project Z), Verity Fair 2, Big Bang 2, Hermit, Show and Tell, Not Mushroom for Thought (that’s mine), Mutual Slump 2 and our long awaited and hopefully soon to be much celebrated brand new anthology History… And That!

Table Share
Ben and Dylan

I have to say a huge thanks to everyone who came to see us, bought our comic or just stopped by for a chat, it was an awesome day! Also thanks to James and Alex for single handedly manning the table for a few hours while I was swept away by the flow of the crowd. 
Dream of Comics

It was a tiring day to say the least but much fun was had by all, including young Dylan here, who was an absolute star at what I believe is his very first convention. Well done.

I have also just been reminded that the before and after parties were some of the best I’ve ever been to. It was great to finally put the face to the online names of Matt and Kelly, among others. And one thing I have learned to be true from the Thought Bubble after con disco is that geeks sure can dance. So much fun.