Two Thousand and Nine

The year when:

  1. Britt went to the MCM London Expo in May and she intends to go next year.
  2. Britt had a rant about trying to find a job without experience.
  3. Britt worked until October and then quit. She realised how ill it was making her.
  4. Britt laughed, Britt cried.
  5. Britt got into photography quite a bit and had fun with the #npwalk group. She went with them to The Hoppings, Enchanted Parks and had a lovely Christmas meal with them, hopefully she will attend many more meetings in 2010.
  6. Britt took her camera to Tynemouth and took many photos. She also took it to Blyth.
  7. Britt went on many tidy sprees through the house which were quickly thwarted by the other occupants of the house.
  8. Britt updated her website.
  9. Britt started to concentrate on her illustration and comics work, she plans to upload and update said work regularly throughout 2010.
  10. Britt joined in with the Paper Jam Comics Collective.
  11. Britt passed her driving test.
  12. Britt got involved in a comic project titled Project Z.

So, what now?

2010, the year when hopefully everything comes together and just works. I do hope so. I’m so happy to have people who have stood by me and helped me out during this year, it hasn’t been easy, it’s had its ups and downs. Most of the ups seemed to happen during the sunny months, maybe next year I’ll hibernate for the winter?


  • Less planning, more doing.
  • Draw something every day.
  • Take at least one photo every day (365!).
  • Get a job that I am happy in.
  • Be happy.
  • Ignore the bad things or learn from them, don’t let them control.

I think that went okay.