Website Update and other thoughts…

I recently did a website update, changed my photos to feed directly from my flickr account and cleaned up the links section a bit.
That now to one side I’m going to get a move on with a few other projects. I am on holiday for the next two weeks, yay! Free time!
During said free time I have a lovely to do list including:

  • Think Website pages and content + upload
  • Redesign Portfolio site
  • Finish drawing chapter 1 for my comic + upload
  • Draw another Jpop Happenstance strip because I’ve abandoned it for a while and am feeling bad
  • Plan and thumb pages for my other comic project

Yes that’s three comicy/mangaish projects, I still can’t limit myself to just one at a time, I suck at that.

Also on the cards is a trip to ikea to get some new shelves, mine are full of books. And I’m sure there is something else that should be on my to do list but I appear to have forgotten it. I shall add when I remember. But first things first, Think. I need to get some content on those pages, filler is easy to do but a bit boring I want it to actually be usable. So I get to make activity sheets, this should be interesting!

Oh, some of you might know I applied for a job at the Baltic gallery, heard nothing back and it’s been a couple of weeks so I guess I didn’t get that, the search is continuing on and on. Britt really wants a new job.